Hoxie: 870-886-6663
Pocahontas: 870-892-2511
Carlisle: 870-552-7557
DeWitt: 870-946-4616
Stuttgart: 870-673-1688
England: 501-842-2521
Altheimer: 870-766-8416

Service Request

Your equipment should be serviced by the best, and that's exactly what Heritage Agriculture of Arkansas provides. Schedule a service appointment with our Service Managers below.


At Heritage Agriculture of Arkansas, we're proud to offer you a wide selection of parts backed by outstanding service from our expert staff. We completely understand how time is precious during your busy seasons. Our goal is to get you running again and have as little time wasted as possible. Our service department will work diligently and efficiently to get you back in the field and off the sideline. 


Our business philosophy and motto, "To Exceed Customer Expectations," is a firm belief that permeates throughout the company from top to bottom. This means highly dedicated service from our technicians for you. We are customer-focused, customer-driven, and we want your business. 


Nathan Hanks (Carlisle) - “Our service departments respond to 95% of call outs within 2 hr period!” 

Perry Simpson (DeWitt) - “Our service department is the best in the industry because of our technicians dedication to exceeding our customers expectation.” 

Shawn Ross (Hoxie) - “With our large service departments we are able to extend our reach to those who need help."

Scott Linder (Stuttgart) - “Give us an opportunity, and we will do everything we can to help you be successful.”

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