Hoxie: 870-886-6663
Pocahontas: 870-892-2511
Carlisle: 870-552-7557
DeWitt: 870-946-4616
Stuttgart: 870-673-1688
England: 501-842-2521
Altheimer: 870-766-8416


Do you have any general information about Case IH or Kubota?

We have information and brochures for any specified Case IH, or Kubota equipment. you can also visit CaseIH.com or Kubota.com for information.


Do you offer discounts or promotions on new Case IH equipment?

Yes! Visit our local dealership nearest you, and ask to speak to our sales team, or call any 5 locations


How do I find used Case IH equipment

Visit our Used Equipment Tab, and there you will be able to find our used equipment for sell at each specific location.


How do I purchase parts for Case IH, Kubota and other product lines that I have bought from Heritage Agriculture?

Call any of our 5 locations, and ask for our Parts department. You can also visit our Parts tab at the top of the page that can further help you find the specified part number you are searching for.


I need to get in touch with a service manager. How can I best get ahold of him?

Call our location nearest you, ask for our service Manager. You can also find his name, phone, and email address store specific in our Staff Tab. Finally, if you download our app from the app store you can send an email directly to them and other information that they will need to get in touch with you directly.