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AFS Precision

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Welcome the Heritage Agriculture AFS Precision where our AFS certified specialists are here to answer any of your precision farming needs. Heritage Ag's Case IH AFS precision agriculture products, software and solutions can assist farmers throughout the planting nutrient, pest management, and harvesting phases of a crop cycle.

Advanced Farming Systems Brochure

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AFS Connect™

Advanced farm management system from Case IH gives you total control over your data. It provides you real-time dashboard access to your equipment on any device. So you have instant access to location, diagnostics, fuel and engine stats — just like you would see it in the field. Plus, the power to decide who can see or can’t see your data. 

AFS Connect Brochure



Whether you need to do tillage or planting in the spring, spraying in the summer or harvesting in the fall, your Case IH AFS Pro display is at the heart of the task. Count on a single intuitive interface to connect with all your equipment and monitor your performance, even with mixed fleets. Move it from vehicle to vehicle to spread the investment across your entire operation.

AFS Displays


Guidance & Steering: Advance your operation with Case IH steering and guidance tools like AFS AccuGuide™ for tractors, combines and sprayers. Achieve year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels and beyond. By adopting autoguidance, you will reduce skips and overlaps; save on fuel and labor costs; better manage your seed, fertilizer and chemical inputs; simplify operation; and even add hours to the day during critical operating windows. AFS RowGuide™ works with AFS AccuGuide to provide accurate, hands-off steering during corn harvest to reduce operator fatigue during long harvest hours.

AFS Guidance & Steering


Section & Rate Control: Case IH AFS section and rate control lets you put seed, fertilizer and other inputs where you want them and ONLY where you want them. Reduced overlaps and more precise placement allow you to save on inputs, improve agronomic performance and lower overall costs.

AFS Section & Rate Control


Harvest Solutions: Harvest is your one and only shot to monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. You need intuitive solutions that are ready to go when you are to gather crop information for your records. You want the ability to immediately analyze the performance of different seed varieties. And, most importantly, you require a system and support team designed to fit the way you farm. Case IH AFS harvest monitoring and mapping tools deliver on all your needs.

AFS Harvest Solutions


Receivers: The opportunities and challenges impacting agriculture today and into the next decades mean we're farming in ways our grandfathers never imagined. Innovative precision farming technologies, like the Case IH AFS 372 GNSS receiver and DCM-300 modem, are examples of how Case IH delivers intuitive technology and ensures maximum uptime. Case IH is committed to delivering the technology you need, now and in the future, to improve productivity across your entire operation.

AFS Receivers


Data Management Software: A single software suite enables you to maximize the value of your AFS technology. AFS Software enables you to view, edit, manage, analyze and utilize your precision farming data. Designed to fit your operation’s needs, Case IH AFS Software offers the flexibility and analysis power to support all your precision farming needs. Generate yield maps, prescription maps and more from a single, integrated software package. Plus, create soil sampling maps, create and print reports and import satellite imagery. No matter what your data source – the AFS Pro 700 display, your crop consultant, or an ag retailer or other supplier – you can easily import and manage the data using your AFS Software.

AFS Data Management Software


Find My Precision Kit: select information that best identifies the equipment you own, and match it to the best precision kit for you! Contact our AFS Specialists with your information and we will get the parts you need!

Precision Kit



We at Heritage Agriculture are a fully authorized dealer for Trimble GPS, Survey water management and auto-pilot guidance systems, Contact your nearest Heritage Ag AFS specialist for full details and pricing.


Ag Eagle: Finally, here at Heritage Agriculture we are able to give you an experience like never before! We are offering the Ag Eagle fixed Wing Drone called the RAPID! With all NEW drone technology we are able to capture an image of the health of your crop in the field! In-flight NDVI image processing delivers geo-referenced results to growers on the ground immediately after landing. Growers are instantly informed of potential areas of issue with their crops. Prescription maps can be made by using these images, and exported to field applicators! Call or stop in today and ask about the all NEW Ag Eagle RAPID! Safeguard your crops today!



Capturing images


Image Processing: In-flight NDVI image processing delivers geo-referenced results to growers on the ground immediately after landing. Growers are informed instantly of potential areas of issue with their crops.


Georeferenced Mapping: By using the images captured by the AgEagle, prescription maps can be quickly created by most popular farm management software and exported to field applicators.

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